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Custom Webmail/POP/IMAP/SMTP Domain

All of your domains can be used as custom domains for accessing webmail, as well as POP/IMAP and SMTP services. To do this, you want to set up the DNS records and then instruct our system to sign SSL certificates for them. Please note that in our example, we are using the domain “” and the DNS provider ClouDNS. This means that you need to know how to adjust this guide to fit your situation as you may have a different DNS provider that may use slightly varying terminology.

Additional note: The “mail” subdomain is for IMAP/POP/SMTP. The “webmail” subdomain is for webmail. Expect that the “mail” subdomain will not work over web browser, and the “webmail” subdomain will not work as the IMAP/POP/SMTP server in your email client.

First you need to take note of the name of the server that you are on with us. This is listed in an email we sent you titled:

New Email Hosting Account Information

In my example, this is the section I’m looking for:

IMAP server:
SMTP server:

Next, you need to go to your DNS provider and prepare to enter a new DNS record. For me, with ClouDNS, it means clicking this button:

When I do that, I get a popup that I fill in with this information:

TTL: 1 hour
Point to:

You always use “webmail” as the name of the record. Your DNS provider may call it Name, Record, Host, or something else. It is to be a CNAME record type, and Points To (possibly also called Value or Target) is the server address you found in the previous step.

Next, I make another record with the same steps, only I use “mail” instead of “webmail” when filling it in:

TTL: 1 hour
Point to:

After saving both of those records, you may want to wait 1-2 hours before moving on to the next step.

If you are ready for the next step, Log In to the Control Panel and click on Account Manager on the left side. From there, click SSL Certificates:

From there, click on Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt. It looks like this:

You will arrive at a page that looks like this:

What you need to do next is UNCHECK the primary domain. For this example, that is See here that I removed the check mark:

You ONLY want MAIL and WEBMAIL subdomains to be checked.

Finally, click Save. Wait a few minutes, and you can access webmail.yourdomain.tld with HTTPS, and you can use mail.yourdomain.tld with your favorite email clients for the IMAP, POP, and SMTP server. Obviously, substitute “yourdomain.tld” with whatever your domain actually is.

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